Taking Master Degree in Conservatorio Di Musica Giuseppe Martucci Salerno

Taking Master Degree in Conservatorio Di Musica Giuseppe Martucci Salerno – Conservatorio Di Musica Giuseppe Martucci Salerno is one of the famous college in Italy. Those who want to pursue their musical career might have been familiar with this college because it has created numerous talented musician in their field. If you are also interested in pursuing your master degree in music, this college can be the best candidate for you.

– Master Degree Courses
The Conservatorio Di Musica Giuseppe Martucci Salerno offers you with four different courses you can take, namely Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, Specializing Masters, and Specializing Masters level 2.
For the master degree itself, they provide you with ten different departments you can choose, namely Song and Musical Theater, Wind Instrument, Keyboard and Percussion Instruments, Arc and Rope Instruments, Orchestra, Jazz Music, New Technologies and Musical Languages, Didactics of Music, Theory, Analysis, Composition, and Direction, and Musicological, Organizational, and Communication Disciplines of the Show.

On each of the department listed, you can choose the field you are interested in the most just like you can choose any of the online gambling games to play that you are mostly interested to.

– Requirements
The most important thing you need to note when you want to pursue your master degree in this college is the requirements. Each of the department has its own syllabus, but the entrance requirements for new students are basically the same.

The basic requirements you need to fulfill is to have Academic Diploma or First Level Degree or any other equivalent degree which is obtained in Italy or other countries. There is no age limitation for applying for the master degree and all people from different nationalities are welcome to apply.
After you have obtained the requirements, you will need to pass the admission exam, which will be done through an interview. The interview is based on four aspects, such as motivation to study in this college, artistic-professional curriculum, related questions based on the departments you choose, and general understandings on cultural, linguistic, and historical-musical skills.

When you have fulfilled the requirements and passed the test, you will be able to enroll as a student. Then, you will need to pay a for the tuition fee based on the departments you choose and you can pay it in a maximum of six installments.

You are always welcome if you want to start your musical career with Conservatorio Di Musica Giuseppe Martucci Salerno, especially when you want to continue the master degree in music. But, before you join as a student, make sure you read the requirements well and pass the test.