The location of the music conference on the Italian Salerno Giuseppe Martucci

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The location

Music conferences, not only become an event that brings together art and music but also many cultures in it that will collaborate and become an extraordinary masterpiece that can be enjoyed by everyone. Giussepe martucci salerno is not only a conservatory for music and art, but also as a place for a very legendary music conference.

The location of this music conference in Giussepe Martucci Italian Salerno is on the road to Salvatore De Renzi – Italy. This state-run conservatory has been established since the time of the Bourbon administration in 1819, at least after two centuries until finally this place gained a legal framework that made it transformed into a place managed by the local government.

Looking at its history, the salerno martucci guissepe was originally a place made to become a music school until 1953, and until 1963 this place was recognized as being a school equivalent to a secondary school for music.

From that year until 1980 this place was transformed into a conservatory branch of Naple S. Pietro a Majella which later turned back into an independent conservatory until now. so old and long standing through many changes, it is no wonder that this institution also received so many national and international awards from activities in it.

The place that started from just a small-scale music school was later obtained legal recognition as a state institution, right when under the guidance of Maestro D’Ascoli. When entering the 1950s, this place had been hampered due to the lack of legal recognition of its existence and had encountered many obstacles.

Even though at that time there were 136 students who registered with several branches of music courses included Cello, Double bass, oboe, violin, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, flute and french horn. With suggestions suggested by Maestro D’Ascoli, this place was later given the name Neapolitan Giuseppe Martucci which is the name of a composer, conductor and pianist. The name is still used as a place for high school music and art in Italy on this one.

Music, in this present day, is not only about entertaining people. It is also an art that can bring joy as well as become a source of income. Which is why, having better information, knowledge about music with the help of this place is always a great addition. Especially, for people that want to become someone that important in the music industry of even history, then the Giussepe Martucci is a place that you can go.