Attending the Legendary Music Conference in the Giuseppe Martucci Salerno, Italy

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Attending the Legendary Music Conference

Italy is one of the countries will the high prestige of art, music, and even architecture. You can find a great musician in Italy easily. In addition, the dedication of the country towards music is really on a different level. It makes Italy be a nice place for the musician. In order to support the musician from all over the world, there is a legendary event that is held in Italy. This event is called as Music Conference. This musical event is attended by a world-class musician to perform the best musical performance. All people can enjoy the true meaning of music, especially classic music.

In order to create a complete musical performance, the legendary music conference is held in one of the best musical concert places. This place is called as the Giuseppe Martucci Salerno, Italy. This place has a wide stage that can be used by many instrumentalists to perform their music. in addition, this place also has a good adjustment in the sound effect systems so that the audience can listen to the music properly on every side. Moreover, the adjustment of the seating places also can enable the audience to see the great performances of the world-class musician. It’s a great musical event that is supported by a great place. On the other hand, the Giuseppe Martucci Salerno also has the education center to teach the students about the music. This education center is called the Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Martucci Salerno. This education center has some departments to support the conservatorio such as Vocal and Opera Performances, Wind Instruments, Keyboard and Percussion, Strings, Ensemble, Theory, Analysis, Composition, Musicology, Jazz, Music Technology, and Music Education. However, for the students who want to learn in Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Martucci Salerno needs to show great talent and skill. They need to join the public audition to enroll as the student in this conservatorio.

In order to push the skill of students, there are some concerts presented by the Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Martucci Salerno. For the students who get the Erasmus scholarship, they can perform in two types of musical concerts. The first one is the Erasmus Concert that will be presented by the new international students. They can perform as a soloist or member of the ensemble. The second one is the Erasmus on Stage. This musical event is held in the autumn season annually. The concert will be presented by the outgoing students.